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viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Allison (English version)

English version: 

Photography by: Lux Profundi 

The red light of the afternoon penetrated its warmth into one of the multiple rooms of that old and beautiful British construction; that room was the main bedroom, which belongs to the beautiful lady named Allison.

The bedroom, just as every hall, was decorated with an exquisite taste; Allison had personally supervised the decoration. Hundreds of crystal chandeliers and candles illuminated the hallways; renaissance paintings adorned the main halls, the furniture was exquisitely embroidered and the ebony, pine or oak had been carefully carved into the shape of tables, wardrobes and other objects.

That mansion was a paradise and its only ruler was that svelte and delicate short haired woman with pink lips and seducing stare.
-Good morning mistress, I am sorry to interrupt your slumber, but I am afraid that it is already late and the representatives will arrive at dawn.
Allison got up, sitting at the border of her bed, turning her look to her right she contemplated the beautiful body that was lying submerged in sleep. She never restrained from the subtle pleasure of observing the tousled hair, the soft breathing; the velvety pale naked skin of that frail figure laying on the floor over a wide bed made with goose feathers.
-Mistress, your bath is ready, just as you like it.

-Perfect Sybel. Today I desire something sweet for breakfast
-As you wish, I shall see the cooks prepare something that satisfies your tastes and I will also take care of young Medora.
-I want her to look splendid; today I please to play with her.
-As you wish.

Allison stood up, letting her elegant red silk robe fall down to the floor; a porcelain bathtub awaited her. She entered the bathtub while picking her hair up with a cotton towel; the water was at the exact temperature, perfuming her body with the subtle lavender scent.

After the bath, she headed for the ample dining room where several servants were waiting for her. The room had an ivory chimney and several Greek sculptures.

-Perhaps I should organise a special event, it is a waste not to use these magnificent facilities… but… Nicholas lacks training.- She thought to herself while enjoying the sweet strawberry cupcakes.
-Everything is to your disposal for today’s meeting; the menu is being made and your musicians will be ready within the hour.
- I am pleased to hear that, this negotiation is very important and a significant sum depends on it. I do not want any mistakes.
-Fear not, everything will go out as you please, I assure you.


Hours passed, the negotiations took longer than expected. Night fell and the deal was finally closed. However, Allison was exhausted after the long meeting, she wished only to rest.

When she entered her chambers she found Medora in her gray silk corsette, her hair arranged in two tails and her walking collar.

-Medora, I am tired, I planned to play with you, but I will leave that for tomorrow that I will not have work to do, that way we can be together and do something special during that long time.

Medora begged with her stare, she wished attention, to feel the hands of her owner, play with her as the puppy she was. She knew that would not be possible, not tonight at least, so she silently wept, begging for a pat.
-My dear- Said Allison patting her head- Go to your bed and sleep.


When she woke up, Medora was not in her bed, she deducted immediatly that Sybel had taken care of her, getting her ready for the day. Her breakfast was placed over a tiny crystal table placed to the left side of her bed; the perfect english breakfast with her favourite tea and sugar cubes.
There was a knocking on the door.

-Come in.
-Mistress, Medora is almost ready, I shall return her to your chambers in a moment.
-There is no need, I want to go to the play room, take her there, but first take care of my vestment, I shall see you there in 5 minutes.


-My mistress, I have brought you what you ordered.
-Dress me.

After that order was given, Sybel started dressing her, making agile and delicate movements she placed the translucent tights and adjusted them to an embroidered garter belt. With extreme carefullness she slipped a pair of black heels on her mistress’ feet. At last, a corsette was fitted to her chest.

-Bring me Nicholas, I want to hear his new musical compositions. – With this phrase and while making a respectful bow, Sybel went on her way to fullfill the mandate.

After a few minutes Nicholas and Medora were located at the entrance of the door, awaiting for permission to enter that paradise.

-Come in.

Medora, in four legs and moving her head as a spoiled cat, advanced towards Allison; while Nicholas entered with firm steps. At last Sybel came in.
-This is my favourite space, you know why Nicholas?- Allison exclaimed from the sofa she was resting in.
-I do not know.
-Think a little bit and answer.
-I do not know.
-Are you really that stupid to not being able to answer such a simple question?
There was no answer.

Now Medora was at Allison’s feet, and she was pampering her. Sybel was on her feet in a corner with her splendid laced dress, in front of her there was a metal cart with diverse artifacts; as Nicholas stood in the same position observing his mistress.

-Your impoliteness is unforgivable, you are not only incapable of answering but also of thinking; now shut up and go to your place, I want to hear what you have composed for me.
-It will be my pleasure- He answered while heading to the elegant ebony piano.
The music rose ringing though the hall, the melody was sweet but dark, tranquil but with severe notes.

Allison enjoyed the melody while playing with a pink lace which she passed through Medora’s body, provoking her to follow the toy with her paws to try and catch it.

Sybel opened one of the cart’s compartments and produced a ceramic bowl, a box and a rubber ball, handing them on her knees to ther mistress.

Allison placed the bowl on the flor and placed the contents of the box in it, small round chocolates.

-Eat-Medora gladly and gracefully ate.
-You are a beautiful kitten – Medora replied with an euphoric “meow” – Now we will play with the ball.

Allison threw the ball which emitted a rattling sound, which Medora could not resist to chase through the hall, keeping her owner from recovering it. The game between owner and pet lasted a couple of hours. After petting and pamperings Allison wished something more.

-Nicholas, finish the song you started and come to me.
Nicholas nodded with his head, heading towards his owner.
-What have you done wrong?
-I do not know how to answer your question
-Right now, what have you done wrong?
-Excuse me, but I do not understand your question.
-I do not know how I can tolerate you, you approach me and you not even perform a simple bow you should have learned a long time ago.
When finishing this phrase, Nicholas kneeled as if he was struck by a thunder.
-Well, you do have memory, defficient, but barely working.
-I am sorry, I forgot.
-No, tell me Sybell, what are the mistakes Nicholas has commited throughout the week?
-Regarding work, he has been careless and lazy, he has caused me inconviniences with the other musicians, that is why I did not allow him to present himself to the meeting yersterday, I was afraid he would disrrupt negotiations. Regarding his duties towards you, he is extremely rebel.
-Do you understand Nicholas? Sybel can enummerate your failures better than yourself, that is a grave dishonor.
-I admit it, I have not taken care of my work, but only to compose the sublime music I have just offered you.
A slight laugh came out of Allison’s lips – Do you believe this absurd justification will save you from any punishment?
- I am just trying to please you.
-Suuuuuuure, but you are way to careless and rebel, your pathetic excuses will do no good. Make silence and go to the punishment table.
-Shhh! Obey.
-But what happ…
-Are you deaf? Or do not you understand the simplest of orders?
-Mistress, I…
-One hunderd extra lashes for you… Do you wish to rise that number up?

With that final warning Nicholas headed to the indicated place, Sybel undressed him quickly and placed him in position, tying up his limbs with leather straps, lastly she placed some sort of hard pillow which accentuated the volume of his butt, leaving it in complete disposition for punishment.

A riding crop started to drop heavily over Nicholas’ buttocks and legs.

-Do not move.

The moanings increased in intensity.

-Perhaps you want all the servants to find out about your punishment?

The whipping cintinued.

Allison slipped her hand through the pillow to reach the erect member of his sub.

-So you are enjoying the punishment?- She said while strongly squeezing the member between her hand. – It should not be that way.
Allison took the wooden cane and unleashed it strongly on Nicholas’ buttocks.
-These shall be the 100 lashes you ow me for your behaviour of a while ago.
Nicholas was breathing heavily, swetting and was full of red marks across his body. Once again his owner touched his member, but something was different, the surface was wet and slimy, if it was only for the sweat, it should have only been wet, but she was sure it was something else, and unforgivable mistake that must be punished throgh more effective ways.

-Sybel, untie him.

Once released, Nicholas went to his mistress feet and thanked her for the punishment.

-That was no punishment for you.
-You are a disobedient dog.
-I am sorry, I…
-Did you think I would not notice? You know you are strictly forbidden to ejaculate without my permission, and if you commit such terrible fault you must notify me immediatly, you have broken two very important rules that only confirm what a filty animal you are.
-Get down to the flor- She made a gesture with her left hand pointing Nicholas where he must place himself and with the right hand indicated Sybel to fetch the appropriate instrument for the punishment.
Allison sitted on an ample sofa where she signaled her little Medora to sit between her legs, who rapidly placed herself on the sofa, resting her head over the knees of her mistress.

While caressing her pet’s soft hair with one hand, Allison indicated Sybel to place the instrument in the rebel member of the sub. A plastic tube with two metal rings which had the function to prevent an erection was adjusted to Nicholas’ member.

-You will not be able to ejaculate so easily with this- She said while crushing Nicholas’ testicles with the needle of her heels.
His member tried to achieve an erection, but when failing to do so, desperation increased and he started to squirm.

-Do not move.

The heels kept torturing the inferior part of Nicholas’ body, now his legs, testicles and lower abdomen sported tiny red dots.

-You carry in your skin a great privilege, learn to value it.
-Remove my shoes and massage my feet.

Sybel offered divers oils such as portugal laurel, rose and lavender. Allison chose the latter and Nicholas started the massage.

-It seems you have learned your lessons about treating the feet of your mistress, too bad you are useless in every other way, but do not worry, I will correct you, I will make something good out of you.
-I already am.
-You dare to contradict me?- She said hitting Nicholas’ abdomen with a short whip.
-What I mean is that I compose wonderful symphonies for you, because I appreciate you and I like to please you. – He retorted hesitant.
-You justify your defiance?
-I did not ask to be here…
-Did not you? Your memory fails more than I expected, I recall very wel how you spied one of my sessions with Medora and how excited you were while watching us, also how you begged for my forgiveness and to allow you to experience such sensations.
-I was afraid, I feared to be fired.
-As if that is not enough, you lie… that day I made very clear that you would not have consequences in your job if you regretted that same day, but you did not, you asked for more, you begged for me to allow you to be my dog…
I was afraid, now I know this is not what I want.
-Are you sure?

Nicholas closed his eyes, bit his lip but did not answer.

-I think you are a proud dog, undisciplined and that because of the impossibility of having an erection gives absurd exuses. You lust for this, serving me and being at my feet excites you, but you are to dumb to admit it.
Nicholas’ face was blushed, his owner was right, he did not want to admit he enjoyed being at her service, he wanted to please her, but his pride did not allow him to behave. But in the everyday life, when he did not have the joy of her presence, those thoughts tortured him so much he could not take care of anything else, that same nervousness was what provoked his clumsyness and forgetfullnes of basic rules.
-Your silence is the only answer I need, worry not, I am patient and I will take my time educating you, not because you deserve it, but because I find it fun to watch you suffer and moan when I whip you.
-I appreciate your kindness.
-You will be severly punished by all the faults you have commited this day, you shall wear this instrument for four weeks, Sybel will be watching it to avoid infections and to take it of each time you have to, obviously during this time, you will not be able to touch yourself, much less, to masturbate. As aditional punishment you shall wear this collar twenty four hours a day, I do not care if you are seen, or how ashamed you feel for it, I will break your pride, be sure of that.
-Mistress, I ask you to…
-And for interrupting me while I am talking you will receive twenty strokes of the cane daily by Sybel’s hand and every afternoon you will come into my office to present me your marked butt, understood?
-Yes mistress Allison, as you please.
Sybel placed him the thick pink collar with tiny shining stones, she adjusted it to his neck so it was as uncomfortable as possible, lastly she placed a tiny lock around the rings of the collar to prevent him from taking it of.
-Now you are dismissed.
-With your permission.
-Sybel, I crave for cherry cupcakes and for my kitten a bowl of warm milk.
-I will take care of that immediatly, if you excuse me.

While waitin for dessert, Allison played with her tender kitten that demanded her attention in the form of mewos, purrs and kisses.
When the dessert was served, both owner and pet enjoyed those exquisite dishes.
The night carried on slowly among pleasures and carnal delights.

Dedicated to my dearest Carmilla, who inspired me to create this tale from her fantasies, I hope it meets your expectations and that to be of your enjoyment.

With love, Evelyn.

English translation: Amel Hartmann

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  1. My dear Evelyn,
    I have been away due to work and other responsibilities, but I deeply regret it, for I see you have been publishing brilliant stories, which I am about to read.
    This one in particular caused me some conflict, first of all I do not like femdom, is not that I am against it, but it is just not my thing; on the other hand, it was superbly written and my sadist self really enjoyed reading the misfortunes and suffering of Nicholas, I will not deny I would have preferd Nicholas to be a woman.

    To avoid entering a loop of "I do not like it but I liked it" I will finish here by saying good job, you have a talent for writing.


    1. Now I am the one how have been away, lol.
      I really appreciate you saying that, really.
      Love you. XOXO